In Living Color

Living in a world of black and white
Leaves everything in a shade of gray
It’s a dullness of nothing
As we find it normal in our lives

Our minds closed to color
Who are we to believe we are worthy after all?
We have been told all our lives we are less
As we accepted the words of the world as truth

We learn to run away from our passions
We fear the freedom to create
As we feel guilty in the pleasure
Feel shame taking time to play

It’s ok to put color into your life
To see the beauty you can make
While dancing in the magic of the day
Finally awake in living color

Your tree in living color
Full of passions to flow
Treasures to pick when you are ready
One, Two, Three…………GO!

–Lea Dingman

In Living Color


24 x 36


Multi Media

Gallery Ready Canvas

Texture & Paints
wrapped around

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