Cross Stands Alone

There comes a day in struggling
You find your way to the crossroads
Wondering….Can I go through this day
Can I live through it alone

You are so tired it hurts to move
Breathing takes effort
The weight of your troubles
Like a load of bricks on your back

Why must we deny the love
Ignore the help that is needed to move
What is controlling everything really worth
To a prisoner in chains
The cross stands alone waiting for you, waiting for you to choose life

Taking the road to life you will find an ease to carry on with each step
As you move through the change and sorrow in love
A love embraces your views as the fogs lift in forgiveness
As you share the load in healing at the crossroads of your life

Finding your way to the cross
A struggle like no other you will find
A fear of the unknown world
As you baby step your way to freedom
The cross stands alone waiting for you,
Waiting for you to let the love flow

–Lea Dingman

Cross Stands Alone


36 x 36


Multi Media

Gallery Ready Canvas

Acrylic Paints
wrapped around

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