Blessings that Fall

The falls of blessings rushing over you
As the healing waters flow
Life is gifted as passions are birthed
In awe, overwhelmed in love we receive

As the waters of life run through you
Your heart grows, your mind opens
A sweet dance in the waters emerge
Around we turn to the music of our soul

With outstretched arms to the heavens
Thankfulness flows out of us
The truth of who we are is received
In the gifts that fall over us

Dance in the unconditional love today
Free of all that binds and holds you down
Lift your voice to the sky and sing of joy
For this precious moment in time

Receiving and believing for so much more
Gives you a strength within and clarity
A powerful spiritual energy bursting out
A light so bright that others can see

Fall in love with your life today
Receive the gift of time that is yours
Believe that you are worthy
To dance in the blessings that fall

–Lea Dingman

Blessings that Fall


24 x 36


Multi media

Gallery Ready Canvas

Texture & paints
wrapped around

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