Lea Dingman • About the Artist

I paint to live and breathe.

Before painting I saw black and white, now I see color.
It is literally life and breath to me today.
I am accepting the gifts from God now.

Every time my paints touch canvas, I truly believe that I am an artist and I receive the blessing of creativity unconditionally.

Each painting comes with a word to my heart that I translate to what my eyes can see, understanding each painting has a mission, a purpose, as it waits for the one it was intended for.

Lea Dingman, painter and poet

I am blown away by the magic of it all as I have no choice but to catch the blessings as they fall.

I spent my life in darkness, unhealthy and confused. From one choice to another leading to my own destruction on everything I ever touched beginning with me.

I seriously had no clue life could be so different until I cried out for mercy to take me away one final time from it all and was instead gifted life and felt the light upon my heart for the very first time, only by the grace of God am I here today.

Lea Dingman, painter and poet

From that day life was accepted in 2009, I have been led to the most amazing people, places and things that have promoted my life as my mind found a way to clarity, my heart found a way to open and my eyes found a way to see beyond everything I knew.

I have learned to walk with a people in recovery of the heart, mind, body and soul. A walk that took me through to the truth of my life one baby step at a time with some of the sweetest hearts as I learned how to receive my life as it was and process it.

From there a pen was put in my hand, poetry and the story of my life started to unfold in 2013.

I had no clue the gifts awaiting in truth as I began to write on my walls and from there the paints on canvas followed a year later.

With the first touch of the brush, the very first movement, I felt a piece of me had been returned, a peace that completed me. It was such a welcomed gift from God to hold a brush, to touch canvas and to make a mess in the paints with ease. I pray daily for beyond my wildest dreams and that paints and pens will be close at my final breath.

I am so thankful to be here today to see my life continue to unfold in color.

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